Rodman Medal

In accordance with the termsof the will of Dr H G Rodman the Rodman medal is availbale for award annually for outstanding work, with special reference to pictomicrography or radiography.

1979 Lennart Nillson
1978 Patricia Turnbull FRPS
1977 Raymond Roddick ARPSr
1976 Geoffrey Houndsfield
2011 Dr Phil Green
2010 Dr Mark Lythgoe
2009 Professor Graham D Finlayson
2008 Professor Stephen Westland
2007 Professor Mark D Fairchild
2006 Professor Lindsay MacDonald
2005 Dr David Saunders
2004 Dr Peter Burns
2003 Professor M Ronnier Luo
2002 Dr Ghassan Alusi
2001 Professor David Whittaker
2000 Stephen Watt-Smith
1999 Dr Michael Kriss
1998 Kai Krause