J Dudley Johnston Medal

An award for major achievement in the field of photographic criticism or the history of photography. To be awarded for sustained excellence over a period of time, or for a single outstanding publication. Named after The Society’s former President and Honorary Curator 1924-1955.

2019          Zhuang Wubin
2018          Gerry Badger
2017          Professor Francis Hodgson
2015          Roger Hargreaves
2014          Dr David Campany
2013          Martin Barnes
2012          Dr Anthony Bannon
2011          Sean O'Hagan
2010          A D Coleman
2009          Matthew Butson
2008          Gail Buckland
2007          Roger Taylor (Photohistory)
2006          Gerhard Steidl (Photohistory) and Martin Harrison (Curatorship)
2005          Ian Jeffrey (Photohistory) and Professor David Mellor (Curatorship)
2004          Colin Harding (Photohistory) and Val Williams (Curatorship)
2003          Dr Sara Stevenson
2002          Dr Mike Weaver
2001          Bill Jay
2000          Colin Westerbeck
1999          Vicki Goldberg
1998          Dr Larry Schaaf

Video of previous winners: