Copyright and Photographers

Copyright logo squareCopyright and the protection of photographers' work is an issue that the Royal Photographic Society takes very seriously. It believes that photographers should be aware of the law, know how they can best protect their work and the Society works with other organisations to ensure that photographers' interests are protected.  

The UK Copyright Highway Code summarises six key points that photographers should be aware of. 

Take a look at the following links for more information:

  • Intellectual Property Office provides useful summaries and guides to copyright and other areas of intellectual property
  • The Copyright Hub information about copyright and licensing images 
  • British Copyright Council which represents the interests of the copyright community
  • CREATe investigates the future of creative production in the digital age, and in particular the role of copyright

We will be adding more detailed information and guides to copyright and licensing over the next few months. 

If you have any immediate questions please contact the Director of Education and Public Affairs, Dr Michael Pritchard at: or call +44 (0)117 3164474. 

The RPS would like to thank Andy Finney for his work on behalf of the Society with the British Copyright Council and on the UK Copyright Highway Code.