The Royal Photographic has 400+ volunteers, in many different roles, who give up their time to help run this large, worldwide charity

Do you have a great idea for an event in your Region or Chapter and the experience to make it happen?  Are you a frustrated writer or have fantastic IT skills?  Do you have management experience or want to improve your CV?  Why not consider becoming a volunteer for The Society and help support the 400+ people that already volunteer for us.

Opportunities for volunteers range from helping on a local level, to applying for election as a member of our Council when you have been involved in a Society for a some time. 

The kind of roles that are available are:

Chapter/Group/Region (main volunteer roles)

• Organiser/Chair
• Deputy Organiser/Chair
• Treasurer
• Secretary
• Subgroup/Subarea Coordinator
• Web Editor (to manage microsites within this website)
• Publication Coordinator (from Group Journals to regular e-newsletters)
• Exhibition Coordinator
• Event Coordinator
• Distinctions Coordinator
• Communications Coordinator (includes social media, publicity and advertising/promotion)
• Membership Coordinator


• Trustees/Council Members (elected)
• Distinction Panel Members (by invitation only)
• Society Committee Members

In the first instance contact your Chapter, Region or Special Interest Group representative to introduce yourself, find out what opportunities are available and to let them know the skills you have to offer - they will be able to guide you from there.  If your Region, Group or Chapter has a Committee page within this website you may also see vacancies advertised there.

Paid roles within The Society are rare (we are a happy and content bunch who tend to stay for the long term once we have joined the team!), but if vacancies are advertised you will find them here.