On Inspiration

04 February 2014

When do we decide that the life of a photographer is the one for us?  It is often creeps up on us as a result of a mixture of coincidences, fortuitous circumstances, influence and inspiration.

When I was young my favourite author was Stephen King.  I read his books with a voracious hunger and collected all of them.  In 1990 King published a collection of short stories called Four Past Midnight, one of which ‘The Sun Dog’, is about a boy who is given a Sun 660 Polaroid camera for his birthday.  This dream gift turns out to have a sinister side, as the only pictures the camera would take were of a large, ferocious black dog (with deadly intentions!), which appeared to be getting nearer and nearer to the photographer with every shot he took…

This story sparked an instant and overwhelming interest in me in photography – I loved the idea that we could create a story with pictures – either as one shot (where the viewer could apply their own ideas and imagination into what I had created), or as a series of work that could lead the viewer through a world or story of my choosing.  Within months, as a result of this story, I was studying to be a photographer and I have never lost that feeling and desire to create a story in my work.

What sparked your interest in photography?

Picture kindly supplied by The Impossible Project – please click the following link for more information on the Sun 660 Polaroid camera.