The Power of Digital Manipulation

30 January 2014

Stunning music video that shows the impact of digital manipulation. 

Nouveau Parfum by Hungarian singer Boggie, cleverly demonstrates that what we see today (and believe to be real) is often nothing more than an illusion.


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Emily Mathisen
07 March 2014

I couldn't agree more. Whenever we manipulate we are changing history and the way we/people perceive the world - take out a piece of rubbish from a beautiful landscape and your are changing the truth of the place, leave it in and your work could be seen as something else (perhaps a political statement about modern society). Dilemmas, dilemmas!

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Chelin Miller
19 February 2014

Fantastic video clip that brings up the controversy of Digital Retouching. As a digital photographer, I applaud the technique and amazing results. As a woman, and a mother, I would like my daughters to accept themselves as they are, to feel confident and not try to look like (unreal) magazine models. I guess, like everything else: The key is in good balance.

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