Is it time to consider a drone?

12 August 2016

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Gareth Cox of Clifton Cameras discusses the oppotunities offer by drone photography... The first big change was the launch of the CSC and the revolution it would bring to photographers. Smaller, lighter, with great flexibility but not sacrificing on quality or performance. Next up was the ‘selfie’ boom, people wondering around with the camera pointing the wrong way. Manufacturers began bringing out cameras with LCD’s labeled as ‘selfie screens’ to take advantage of this craze.

‘Phil Harris - Aerial Insight’ - what is the next big thing? It’s got to be the drone, the current revolution in photography & video. We are finding that developments over the last couple of years have produced the first wave of consumer sub-£1000 camera drones and it is getting more and more popular each day.

This is much like twelve years ago with Canon and Nikon bringing out the first sub-£1000 D-SLRs, which triggered a massive surge in this market.

Drones offer a completely new look on modern day photography allowing the photographer to reach new angles to produce more inventive images. If you have ever wanted to reach somewhere but something has got in your way, well a drone will allow you to sit comfortably whilst it smoothly hovers to the ideal spot to capture ‘that’ image.

‘Phil Harris - Aerial Insight’ - drone can be used for all sorts of photography, landscape, wildlife, and wedding photography, to name a few.

Now if you are thinking ‘Drones are all about video aren’t they?’ Well technically yes they are but they do offer a stills mode. However, the best way to use a drone is to shoot 4K. The 4K video format allows the user to smoothly record footage and take from this 8 million pixel stills. You don’t have to worry about missing the perfect shot as you are recording at 25fps.

Drones also offer certain features to help you capture the ideal shot. If you are working on a self-portrait project you can use the ‘Follow Me’ mode. This feature will keep the selected subject, you; in the frame as you move or you can tell it to circle around you giving a full 360-degree view. You can use this ‘Follow Me’ mode if you are working on more of a sport-based project, like trail runners or mountain bikers, by simply selected that subject on the software.

‘Phil Harris - Aerial Insight’ - your genre is landscape, just imagine the ability to capture the views through a valley during sunset. Well with a drone you won’t have to walk for miles to each location to do this. Technology available today will allow you to set a pre-planned route for the drone to fly whilst all the time video in 4K.

The most recent discussions we have had with some customers are about using drones for location reconnaissance. If you want to check out a location from a distance, a drone will offer you not having hike miles to find out there are not the photo opportunities you hoped for.

Phil Harris - Aerial Insight’ - do have to mention the non-photographic bit, the rules and regulations.  You may have read the news regarding drones being used irresponsibly near airports and over private property.  The use of a drone does mean you need to have some common sense and take on board the CAA safety guidelines. It is not that difficult to work out what is right and wrong when it comes to drones. If you are thinking of using a drone commercially you will need to be licensed.  Further information can be found on our website here -

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