Shortlisted images

12 July 2016

Region: Headquarters

Photographers who were shortlisted for The Society's International Print Exhibition 159 have been sending in prints for the final selection which takes place on 10 August. For details of the selectors and names of shortlisted photographers, see the RPS website:

Image: © David Creedon ARPS

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03 August 2016

Viewers need to train themselves to look at all that is in the image rather than just one part. The photo is about the strangeness of having a woman and child in what would normally be a lounge, but is also a garage with a car with bonnet raised and a motor bike.

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Gary Bridger Photoangel
12 July 2016

My eyes find it hard to rest on here and keep being attracted to the lace. What is the photographer trying to convey here? Nice tones and even exposure. Lighting has mood. I am left with a wonder what is it about.

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