Web Content Manager

21 September 2016

Region: Headquarters

Could you give a rough outline of your day?
My role is to add and manage content on the www.rps.org website.  I work with around 136 Web Editor volunteers who give up many hours of their time to load content onto the Chapter, Group and Region microsites on the website. 

When did you join The Society?
I was first at The RPS in the 1990's as work experience with the Exhibitions department when The Society was based at The Octagon in Bath - it was amazing!  I met Eve Arnold who was there for the exhibition opening who I have always admired, and I was involved in every part of the process of physically setting up and taking down an exhibition.

What are your photographic interests?
I first trained in the darkroom in 1992 and have qualifications in black and white photography and social documentary photography.  Now I work in a mixture of analogue and digital photography with subject interests of landscape and macro (particularly insects).  I have a box camera, an old bakelite camera (both picked up for £5 each from charity shops) and two Canon DSLRs (although one of them is almost an antique!).

Which photographers do you admire?
I am very anti-war but I have a strong interest in war photography - I think it is important that we are all exposed to the reality of war.  As a result, I am interested in photographers such as Giles Duley and Don McCullin - I think the film McCullin is one that everybody should see.  I also find photographing landscape cathartic in the same way as McCullin has said he does.  I think that I enjoy photography that has a political message or purpose as I also found the photographic ice survey by James Balog incredibly moving.

What is your career background?
I have a background in web, graphic design and marketing - being able to combine all three of these within my favourite industry is the icing on the cake!

01225 325722