Elaine Herbert ARPS receives award in the Queen's Birthday Honours (Australia)

21 June 2019

Region: Headquarters

We are very proud to announce that one of our members, Elaine Herbert ARPS, has been given the Order of Australia award in the Queen's Birthday Honours (Australia) for her services to photography.

Elaine has been a member of the RPS for over 40 years, active in the Australian Chapter since its formation (as the Victorian Chapter) in 1986, gained her ARPS in 1988, and has been Honorary Secretary of the Chapter since 1998. In 2008 Elaine received the RPS Members' Award and Honorary Life Membership of the Society.

Of her award, Elaine says:

"I feel very privileged to have received this Order of Australia award in the Queen’s Birthday Honours for service to photography, and am especially glad that it recognises the significance of the Royal Photographic Society here in Australia and what we have been achieving. It reflects the wider view that the best photography can enrich the lives of people anywhere in the world. My role in the Australian Chapter has enabled me to help promote the RPS as an organisation which encourages first-class image making, both by its own members and others.

My particular photographic interests lie in trying to capture the essence of Australia’s unique natural environment, especially by revealing details of texture, form, pattern and colour. These details catch my eye and I try to use photography to capture their beauty and subtlety, and through this, share with others the pleasure they give. For me, this kind of photography cannot be rushed. The trees, rocks and plants of the Australian bush and seashores are full of small details which may easily escape the casual glance. But if you give time for the eye to linger, these nuances can be explored and their beauty revealed.

I very much enjoy meeting other RPS members with their wide range of individual photographic styles and interests, and who have in common a passion for photography and a great willingness to share their skills, expertise and enthusiasm. Over the years we have developed close ties and happy friendships, and the encouragement and support I’ve received from them has been invaluable. So to receive the OAM is also a tribute to the many other RPS members, in Australia and abroad, who have helped me so much in furthering the aims of the RPS."

Picture copyright: Palli Gajree HonFRPS

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Alan Hodgson
21 June 2019

Congratulations Elaine. And richly deserved.

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