RPS Postgraduate Bursary

As part of The Society’s remit as an educational charity we offer an annual bursary of £3,500 in support of a postgraduate student studying in the UK or abroad.
This bursary is now closed and will re-open in February 2017

For this bursary photography is interpreted in its widest sense to include digital and traditional photographic media, the art and science of photography and image based written work/research.

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Salt Print 1 by A C Murphy
Alexander Murphy


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Marilene Ribeiro

2014 Winner - Feature 2

RPS Journal November 2015

Marilene Ribeiro - documents communities uprooted in the name of progress.

Nov 2015
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Postgraduate Bursary Winner Marilene Ribeiro

2014 Winner

From March 2015 of The RPS Journal

Marilene Ribeiro - discusses her project on families affected by dam projects in Brazil.

Mar 2015
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Huw Wahl

2011 Winner

From October 2013 of The RPS Journal

Huw Wahl - Negotiating Representation: Photography in the Israel - Palestine Conflict

Oct 2013
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Shuo Jia RPS Post Graduate

2012 Winner

From July/August 2013 of The RPS Journal

Jason Jia - Fully Jewish, Fully Chinese, on the Chinese Jewish community in Kaifeng, China, and their return to Israel after 1000 years.

Jul 2013
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Brenda Bullock

2010 Winner

From November 2011 of The RPS Journal

Brenda Bullock - Unheimilich: Exploring Isolation in Rural Communities

Nov 2011
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Clifton Cameras Jan 2017