RPS Postgraduate Bursary

As part of The Society’s remit as an educational charity we offer an annual bursary of £3,500 in support of a postgraduate student studying in the UK or abroad.
This bursary will be opening shortly. Closes: 2nd July 2019.

As part of The Society’s remit as an educational charity we are continuing to offer an annual bursary of £3,500 in support of a postgraduate student. 

In addition to the funding you will also be able to claim up to £500 worth of equipment from Vanguard and your portfolio printed by Metro Imaging.

Applications are invited from postgraduate students on courses in photography or undertaking research in photography.  Application must be written in English if applying from abroad. Applicants can apply at any stage of their studies but must demonstrate a specific outcome for their proposed project.

For this bursay photography is interpreted in its widest sense to include digital and traditional photographic media, the art and science of photography and image based written work.

The application process is currently being tested. Please do not try and apply until the bursary is open as you application will not be counted. 

Your Application

Please give a clear breakdown on how you plan to spend the bursary, your time scale and what you plan to do with the work on completion.  Although your work will be published in the RPS Journal and RPS websites we would be looking for an applicant who has a clear idea of where and how they will use their images/work to get their message/research across to as wide an audience as possible.

The case for support must include the benefit of the bursary to the applicant and details of the standing of the course or research project.

The successful applicant will be expected to deliver a 500 word report and 6 images, 6 months into the project. The final report needs to be 1000 words with 10 images, along with an agreement to give a talk or workshop on their project at an RPS event.

Applying is a four step process - applications will not be accepted via email: 

1) Read the information sheet about the bursary carefully.

2) Register or Login to the website.  You will need to navigate back to this page under the Competitions tab in the menu above after logging in or registering (if you applied for a Bursary last year you should already have a password to login).

3) Fill in and submit your written application here.

4) After submitting your written application you will immediately be asked to load your supporting images - you can also submit your eight supporting images from a previous project here. The images that you upload should be sRGB jpegs of no more than 2mb in size each.  Image titles should be kept short or the images may not load correctly.  For example, if your surname was Jordan then we would recommend titling your images in the following way: Jordan1.jpeg, Jordan2.jpeg etc.  Please allow the images time to load (this may take a few minutes) and do not press submit more than once.

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Previous Winners (click on an image to learn more)


2015 and 2016

Salt Print 1 by A C Murphy
Alexandra Murphy



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James Morgan Postgraduate

Success Story

RPS Journal April 2017

We catch up with previous Postgraduate Bursary recipient James Morgan and hear how the award helped him in his career.

Apr 2017
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Marilene Ribeiro

2014 Winner - Feature 2

RPS Journal November 2015

Marilene Ribeiro - documents communities uprooted in the name of progress.

Nov 2015
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Postgraduate Bursary Winner Marilene Ribeiro

2014 Winner

From March 2015 of The RPS Journal

Marilene Ribeiro - discusses her project on families affected by dam projects in Brazil.

Mar 2015
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Huw Wahl

2011 Winner

From October 2013 of The RPS Journal

Huw Wahl - Negotiating Representation: Photography in the Israel - Palestine Conflict

Oct 2013
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Shuo Jia RPS Post Graduate

2012 Winner

From July/August 2013 of The RPS Journal

Jason Jia - Fully Jewish, Fully Chinese, on the Chinese Jewish community in Kaifeng, China, and their return to Israel after 1000 years.

Jul 2013
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