2017 Short Film Award Winners

The RPS is delighted to be working with Watershed and DepicT! in offering an award for the best cinematography amongst its shortlisted films. We feel it’s important to recognise this swiftly changing and influential medium by helping and supporting up and coming film makers.

2017 RPS Cinematography Award Winner

'Winnow' by George Lewis:

A man from the city is intoxicated by the power of an ancient tree.

The winning film was selected by:

Seamus McGarvey - (multi-award winning Director of Photography) 

"Winnow directed by George Lewis stood out for me among all these wonderful films for a number of reasons. It displayed great directorial assuredness within the ultra short format. Every frame was vital and honed and the effect of this after only 90 seconds was that I felt I had watched a 20 minute short film! I loved the fusing of live action and animation to seamlessly evoke a magical dreamscape. The choices made from the music to the casting to the photography were all so adroitly handled. The cinematography was really beautiful with the use of charcoal dark and opalescent bright light serving to enhance this alluring tale. Winnow is a wee jewel of a film."

Click here to watch.

2017 Overall Winner Depict Short Film Award

'Vudú' by Alejandra M. Perrusquía (link to view below) (which is part funded by the RPS).

In 1970, a mother and her children gather in their living room to practise an ancient ritual.

Click here to watch.