Walk the Lines 2

20 June 2014

10:30 - 13:00

King's Cross Station
Pancras Road
United Kingdom

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The Travel Group has joined the Bleeding London project with its own mini-project.  Based on Mark Mason's book "Walk the Lines", members of the Travel Group (with a little help from other Bleeding Londoners) will be walking and photographing the streets that run above the tube lines.

The next walk will start from King's Cross, where participants will be given a route to cover. 

To book a place on the walk, email lizrh@tiscali.co.uk or londonevents@rps.org.

You don't have to be a member of the Travel Group or the RPS to join this walk.


Image: King's Cross © Silvia Mick

The Travel Group Sub-Project


To photograph the streets of London that are above the Tube Lines.   This is based on the book ‘Walk the Lines’ by Mark Mason, in which he describes his walks along the whole of the tube network, taking each line in turn.


This is obviously a big undertaking and so to start with I suggest our sub-project centres on the lines that are bounded by the Circle Line.    If time permits, it could be extended to the remaining sections of the Underground.     In order to make it manageable I propose to break each line down into sections so that one person, or a group of people, would photograph the street(s) between a certain number of Tube Stations.   

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