RPS German Chapter Meeting

29 March 2014

11:00 - 16:00

Dortmunder U Restaurant

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Meeting to be held at the Dortmunder U restaurant MOOG on the ground floor.


1. Preparation for the "Weiss" exhibitions to be held at the Wasserschloss Werdringen and Stadt Fröndenberg Rathausgalerie.

2. German Chapter website review.

3. RPS website review.

4. Exhibition frames and passepartout.

5. Decision on "Weiss" exhibition picture selection.

6. Any other business.

All members are invited to bring pictures to the meeting for discussion.

The "Weiss" project is nearing completion. Please bring suggestions for the next project. Reflections has been proposed.

Siegfried Rubbert LRPS
Email the event organiser
02331 881511

Chapter: Germany