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01 August 2015 - 25 September 2015

09:00 - 18:00

London Region
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United Kingdom

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The deadline for this event has now been extended to 25th September.  We found that people were reluctant to be filmed as part of the initiative.  We have therefore decided to reframe the theme.  The film will focus on those little things that are, to some, mundane but to you, at that moment, was something that caught your attention - held your gaze.  The framework will be a journey.  It might be a journey to work.  It might be a journey to the shops.  It might just be travelling.  Hopefully it will also involve arriving and, perhaps, being greeted.

Each clip should be less than 5 seconds long.  Try to provide 3 clips of each location.  The 1st clip is an establishing shot (long to medium distance).  The 2nd clip is a medium close-up, still establishing context.  The final clip is the thing that attracted you.  A close-up.  If you can move slowly and smoothly from one view to another then feel free to include this movement in your clip.

Example.  (1) Long view of taxi rank (establishing shot).  (2) Someone getting in the taxi door (medium shot) – could be the person ahead of you in the queue.  (3) Taxi door handle moving away as the taxi pulls off (need not be the same taxi but it should look the same).

Example.  (1) Long view of your super market building (establishing shot).  (2) Someone approaching a line of locked shopping trolleys near the entrance (medium shot).  (3) Close up of putting the coin into the release mechanism.

As always, be aware that some locations might be private and filming frowned upon so common sense always should prevail.  Mobile phones are very good for this type of filming as they are not ostentatious.  You might cause consternation if filming with a large DSLR.

The revised timetable also means that those participating in the September “Mr Tarby’s Cine Basic” course can have something to contribute to.  The resulting edited film will be posted on the web site in early October.



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