Getting Published 1 : Christophe Dillinger talks to The East Midlands Region

31 January 2015

13:00 - 17:00

Keyworth Parish Church Hall
Selby Lane
United Kingdom
NG12 5AN

Tel:0795 512 4000

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Non RPS Member£5.00 
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As the Contemporary Group continues to develop its local network of sub groups it's pleased to add The East Midlands Group.

East Midlands used to have a  contemporary group but when its coordinator fell ill it folded. Past co ordinator Howard Fisher is now back and well and is keen to see it going again and has teamed up with Stewart Wall to do that.

All are welcome, regardless of whether you are an RPS member, non RPS member or contemporary worker or not.

We will be looking at understanding what contemporary photography is and hope to have a series of speakers but also to work on group projects which would lead to exhibitions and books.

This first meeting will include short talks by Howard and Stewart on their own contemporary work and will feature Christophe Dillinger, an Experimental analogue photographer, Editor of Square Magazine  and university lecturer.

Please bring along your own work to so we can exchange ideas and let us know your ideas on how you would like the group to develop.

There is much within the field of contemporary photography to include all.


The Three Zimmer Framers, the speed presenters for our first meeting………...

Christophe Dillinger

An experimental analogue photographer, editor of Square Magazine and university lecturer. I first saw Christophe talk at Birmingham Loves Photographers. Experimental Analogue Photographer sums him up perfectly. We heard how he manipulates his film BEFORE he exposes it. Christophe will also talk about Square magazine, which promotes the usage of the square format in contemporary photography. The magazine offers residencies and exhibitions. He is an amusing, inspirational and confident speaker and hopefully you will leave Christophe's talk enthused with new ideas. Read about Chris at Birmingham Loves Photographers by clicking here

Howard Fisher

During a serious illness lasting four to five years, photography took a back seat for Howard. On taking up the camera again he sought a field that would be interesting so looked at Street Photography. Showing his new work at GAMMA (a condition of membership) it was suggested he might better fit into Urban photography.

Howard set about a journey of discovery to find out where the difference lay between street and urban photography. His presentation reflects his dilemmas, his wife's reservations and the answers. His latent desire during his illness recovery period has been fully re-activated and fresh challenges are being examined.

Howard drifted into photography in his early teens and bought his first 35mm camera out of a third of his first month's salary (an Agfa Silette – which he still has). This led to SLR cameras but as time passed and family life increased serious photography took a back seat – as for very many folk. The desire to make images never left him and, via water and oil colour painting, a return to photography was inevitable. This is now a massive part of Howard's life. Being an historian, he has an interest in the history of photography and its proponents and seeks meaningful image making, often shooting in monochrome.
Howard is a member of his local camera club and leads the village U3A Photography group. He is also Secretary of the RPS AV Group, and has an interest in producing bodies of work rather than the single image. The Contemporary Group is his natural home in the RPS.

Stewart Wall

Stewart has scraped a living as a professional photographer since the 1970s. He specialises in portraiture but has also shot commercial, PR, equestrian and weddings. Through the RPS he has returned to his roots having started out as a press photographer working on local and national newspapers. His bread and butter work is shooting portraits from his studio in a former fire station. His private practice focuses on people with a contemporary social documentary prospective. He will talk about why he feels it’s so important for us to do this for future generations. Last year he gained an Associateship with the RPS for a documentary series of a local stonemason who uses traditional techniques in an industry changed by technology, whose family have worked from the same room since the 1880s. The project has been widely featured in local newspapers and history talks, and a Lincolnshire Arts and Heritage Centre is showing the images during a solo exhibition in January.

Howard Fisher
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0795 512 4000

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