Chapter Event at the Antwerpen FotoMuseum

06 June 2015

10:00 - 16:30

FoMu - FotoMuseum Provincie Antwerpen
Waalsekaai 47
2000 Antwerpen

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Invitation for a Chapter Event at the Antwerpen FotoMuseum, 6th June 2015

also open to members of: The Viewfinders English Speaking Photography Club, Brussels and The Images International Photography Club, Den Haag.


The Antwerpen FotoMuseum ( has kindly agreed to host an RPS Benelux Chapter event on Saturday 6th of June.

This email is a first announcement, allowing you to register or else to express your interest without already committing yourself to a formal registration. The content of the day is being finalised, and the programme will be mailed to all of you later. However, registration by the deadline of 11th May will secure your participation (in any case, your reply by that date would be very helpful to the organisers).

Participants will assemble between 10:00 (the opening time of the museum) and 10:15 inside the Museum entrance on Saturday, 6th June. The event will start at 10:20. The FotoMuseum is kindly offering free access to its permanent and temporary exhibitions that day for event participants. There will be a welcome and a brief word about the museum, followed by a museum visit.

After visiting the museum there will be a photo walk in the area starting at about 12:00. The museum is located close to the Schelde river, but there is no intensive port activity on the river itself any more. The urban landscape around the museum is a remarkable mix of older commercial buildings and warehouses (as is the museum itself) related to the port, fine residential buildings dating mostly from the early 20th century, and often original novel architecture. Also nearby is the recently built new Court House (Gerechtsgebouw, 2006), designed by architect Richard Rogers, who also designed the Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Millenium Dome in London.

We invite people, in combination with the photo walk, to handle lunch individually. The FotoMuseum has no longer cafetaria facilities of its own, but there are a number of varied lunch opportunities in the immediate vicinity. It would also be a good idea to bring some liquid refreshment with you.

After lunch we return to the museum where our programme will continue with a presentation by Armando Jongejan FRPS at 14:00. Following this, portfolio discussions will be organised and moderated by Armando. We will also informally discuss future initiatives for the Chapter and other matters of interest.

This Chapter event is expected to end by about 16:30 (to allow comfortable return travel for everybody). However, the FotoMuseum is open till 18:00 for those still wanting to visit after our event ends.

There is no registration fee for the day.

We cannot accommodate more than around 35 participants, therefore we are giving priority to RPS Benelux Chapter members who register by 18:00 on Monday, 11th May. Members of the other two Photography clubs (and later registrations of Chapter members) will be accepted for registration on a first-come-first-served basis after 11th May, although we hope to be able to accommodate all those interested.


You should copy and paste - completing or deleting as appropriate -  the form below into your reply e-mail which should be sent to (Eddie Maes LRPS, Brussels)


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I would like to register for this event.

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If attending, would you be bringing work for discussion? YES – NO

If YES, what medium will you bring? PRINTS – DIGITAL IMAGES

(Be aware that this initiative is by no means a formal Distinctions Advisory Day, such as the Chapter has been running a few times in the past.)


Is this the preferred e-mail address for reaching you? YES – NO

In case of “NO”, please give the e-mail address you would like us to use in the future:



As a side note, you may be interested to hear that plans are taking shape for a Chapter Meeting at Clervaux, Luxemburg, with visit to the “Family of Man” exhibition there. The probable date, to be confirmed, would be Saturday 17th October, 2015. You will of course get details in due time.



Looking forward to seeing you,

Steve, Richard, Eddie.

Eddie Maes LRPS
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