Time Lapse Macro Stereo-Photography and Photoshop's Image Stacking Capabilities

09 May 2015

18:00 - 20:00

St Pancras Church Hall
Lancing Street
United Kingdom

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Time-Lapse Macro Stereo-Photography

Macroscopic and microscopic stereo-photography can reveal a multitude of beautiful and unforeseen structures in the natural world.  Time-lapse techniques, added to this macroscopic stereo-photography, can produce new appreciations of morphogenesis and development in the living world.

In this presentation Dr. Pryce describes his own approach to macro stereo-photography using his own equipment adaptions and how these have been used, in conjunction with intervalometers, to produce time-lapse sequences depicting changes occurring over days and weeks.

A number of short, audio visual shows will be presented covering morphogenesis and development in higher plants, fungi and the insect (lepidoptera) world


Exploiting Photoshop’s Image Stacking Capabilities to Create 3D Images

The speaker will introduce a Photoshop technique, which allows the photographer to create stereoscopic images from a series of stacked images, without the need for special software. Images are captured using a single camera and taken from a single viewpoint. The resulting photographs are then processed in Adobe Photoshop using information from the stacking process to create two images, which can be combined into either an anaglyph or a stereo pair.

This event is free and bookings are not necessary

Image:  Quince Flower Bud © Bob Bryce

Hearing and access requirements

Speakers will use a microphone. There is no loop facility.


Region: London