Documentary Group: Social Documentary Photography Workshop: The Mystique of Making Better Photographs

01 November 2015

10:00 - 17:00

The Canvas Cafe
42 Hanbury Street
United Kingdom

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Coinciding with the DPOTY exhibition, in Spitalfields, just a few steps from Brick Lane. We'll be covering Social Documentary and exploring The Mystique of Making Better Photographs while focusing on the thought processes when we take photographs.  More information HERE

Leading the workshop is Gabrielle Motola who has been an Olympus Ambassador for several years and we are indebted to Olympus UK for their support in staging this event.  For more information about your presenter see: 

In photography, especially during spontaneous situations, there is that moment when something catches our attention and we are moved to act. There is little time to think of exposure, f-stops, shutter speeds, there is little time to think at all. Irrespective of our setup, we sometimes don’t take the picture right away. Instead something else happens. We may have an emotional response to the situation, we intellectualise, we may move our position to make the shot ‘better’, we hesitate, we fumble with our camera settings, we lose the moment. Sound familiar? How can we prevent this from happening and move towards a place of synchronous thought and action? What do we notice in the first place? How can we make our pictures better? We will explore this question within three main realms; aesthetic, awareness, and response. This workshop will address taste, thought, emotional response, observation, reaction, and touch briefly on technical technique, both in shooting and post production.

In addition to honing our technique, we must narrow the gap between thought and instinct. We will accomplish this through action oriented exercises.

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Opening times

The workshop will start at 10.00. The venue is a cafe where you will be able to purchase refreshments and lunch.

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Hearing and access requirements

The workshop is not suitable for those who have mobility or access problems as access is via a staircase.

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