Exhibition and 1:1 Talks with Kym Cox

20 August 2016

14:00 - 16:30

The Magic Gallery
Charing Cross Undeground Arcade
United Kingdom

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All comers£0.00 

On Saturday Saturday 20th August – Kym will be available from 14:00 to talk about her work informally on a 1:1 basis.  If you missed the Artist's talk on Thursday do pop in for this stunning Exhibition.

The second show in The Magic Gallery's series of emerging talent to exhibit alongside Honorary Fellow Brian Griffin’s Himmelstrasse is Kym Cox’s ‘Grace’ series. 

The 'Grace' series is rooted in traditional art symbolism, which associates soap bubbles with the uncertainty of life expectancy and the unexpected loss of something cherished. The narrative emphasises an awareness of the present because the future is uncertain and unpredictable, in essence who knows when the bubble is going to burst?

'Grace' represents memories of the past through a series of chronological episodes: Conception, Infancy, Childhood, Teenage, Young Adult, Family, Retirement, Old Age and Death. The bubbles in this series have not burst, each slowly deflated to leave a membrane skeleton. Foregone events, experiences and people influence and transform the journey to the present. Memories are like Grace bubbles, trace elements of an existence in time and place; a reminder of what went on before which ultimately defines who we are and what we have become.

The random order of presentation for each photograph is deliberate; to emphasise a particular stage in one's life and not as a chronological timeline. Memory recall is always random and according to the moment.

'Grace' is the final body of work from Kym’s BA (Hons) Photography degree, (graduated 2014, First Class), Arts University Bournemouth. - 

See more at: http://www.rps.org/member/gallery/kym-cox/The-Grace-Series#sthash.JsEuFBbr.dpuf 

Kym has also created a video for the show, the result of a two year ArtScience collaboration with Professor Stefan Hutzler, Leader of the Foams & Complex Systems Group, School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin.

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