Exclusive visit to Bromley House to learn more about how photography is used as a therapy (Event fully booked, sorry)

23 August 2017

14:00 - 17:00

Bromley House Library
Library Angel Row
United Kingdom

Tel:0795 512 4000

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(Event fully booked, sorry)The RPS East Midlands Region have been invited by Roy Bradshaw, a professor of Geography to visit the exhibition of photographs at Bromley House and then to be take to Studio House to talk to some of the photographers at Studio House which is about 1 mile away, transport provided.

It is also planned for us to have a look at the 175 year old studio and darkroom during our visit which is in the attic of Bromley House, which is one of the few remaining private libraries in the country and was described by some of our previous members as being a most beautiful and inspiring environment. You can read more information about the history of Bromley House by clicking here.

The afternoon is open to both members and non members but numbers are limited.

There is no charge but please book a place by using the booking tab. Any difficulties please call the organiser for assistance.

Photography at Studio House

Background Notes


What is Studio House?   Studio House  is a residential rehabilitation centre for people with alcohol and/or drug addiction problems. Based in Basford, Nottingham, it was started by a group of people who had successfully completed a rehab course and were determined "to give something back" by establishing this centre. During its dozen or so years of existence Studio House has been remarkably successful in helping people back to an addiction-free lifestyle.

Who are the residents? There are approximately 20 people (residents) on the first phase of the course, which is entirely residential.  The residents come from all sections of society and all age groups - there are currently two grandmothers on the course.

The Rehab course. Total immersion provides the best conditions for people coming to terms with addiction. This first phase can be very tough with residents forced to confront profound behavioural and psychological issues. Much of the support comes from fellow residents who help each other get through the difficult stages of the recovery process.

Photography and Rehab.  Photography, together with painting and poetry, provides a creative activity which can help residents to observe and take an interest in the world around them. Rehab can be a very inward-looking and even introverted activity, whilst photography can help provide something of an outward-looking balance.

Photographic Training.  Almost none of the residents have ever handled a camera before let alone received any photographic training.  There is neither the time nor the equipment to provide a formal training course and the emphasis here is on identifying those elements which help to make a good photographic image, eg:  viewpoint, composition, the direction and quality of available light, and so on.

What sort of photography?  Much of the photography is either portrait work or landscape imagery. All the photographs in the Exhibition were taken in the Nottingham area. Residents are encouraged to identify items of human interest, to search for the curious and the amusing as well as the spectacular.

Equipment used. The cameras used were Fuji Finepix S4000 bridge cameras (14 megapixels and x30 zoom lens). No Photoshop re-touching was used except for minor vignetting on two of the photographs

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