Central Region Advisory Day 14th May 2017 LRPS Advise and ARPS (all five categories)

14 May 2017

10:00 - 16:00

Smethwick Photographic Society
Church Bridge
West Midlands
United Kingdom
B69 2AS

Tel:0121 552 0279

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Non RPS Member£20.00 
RPS Member£15.00 

Central Region Advisory Day 14th May 2017 LRPS Advise and ARPS (all five categories)

Attending this Advisory day will give you the opportunity to discuss your images with current panel members in a professional but friendly atmosphere.

What are the requirement for LRPS and ARPS, and which level am I?

LRPS ( Licentiate ) – If you are not sure, then start with the LRPS, as you will need to show a good photographic competence in camera work, visual awareness, communication and presentation, as detailed in the Guidelines

ARPS (Associate) – You need to demonstrate a high technical competence as well as provide evidence of creative ability and the development of a personal style in either of the following categories, Fine Art, Natural History, Travel, Applied and Contemporary and Conceptual. Please note : You can apply direct for the ARPS without being an LRPS, but we would recommend getting an LRPS first before working towards an ARPS, unless you have considerable photographic experience. If you are not sure, it’s much better to start with the LRPS and then work towards an ARPS.

Who are the Advisors?

Tessa Mills FRPS – LRPS and ARPS Advice  and Conceptual and Comtemporary Advice

Paul Mitchell FRPS – ARPS Fine Art Advice

What advice will I receive on the day?

Content and technical for the following -

LRPS Advice

ARPS Fine Art Advice

ARPS Contemporary and Conceptual advice

Content & Technical advice - this is when the panel member present is a member of the appropriate panel. You will be given content and technical advice face to face, and a copy of the summary of advice form.

Technical and written advice for the following -

ARPS Applied advice

ARPS Travel advice

ARPS Natural History advice

Written and Technical advice – This is when the panel member present does not sit on the appropriate panel but has been given written advice by a panel member, which will be read out. The panel member present on the day will also give you technical advice on your prints and a copy of the summary of advice form. If you would like advice for Applied, Travel, or Natural History, you need to book your place and get confirmation from the Regional Organiser. Once you have receive confirmation, you need to e-mail Simon Vercoe at si@rps.org stating your Advisory day date and category you would like advice on, he will send you all the details you need to get advice.

You can only book this advice a minimum of 28 days before the advisory day.

Unsure which category you are? ( ARPS only )

Send 6 to10 images to category@rps.org with your statement of intent and we will be happy to advise you which would be the best category. In most cases it’s the statement of intent that dictates the category.

Please send at least 30 days before the advisory day.

How much does it cost?

£15 for RPS members who would like advice

£20 for non-members who would like advice

£10 for observers.

How many images shall I bring?

10 images plus a minimum of 5 spares and maximum of 10 for the LRPS

15 images plus a minimum of 5 spares and maximum of 10 for the ARPS

Do all my images need to be mounted?

All images should be mounted except for your spares; this will ensure we can display them correctly.

Important note

The advice given will depend on the portfolio seen on the day and the advice from a panel member is guidance only. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make the final decision on which images to put forward for assessment

Attending for Advice:

On arrival please register at the front desk and then place your panel safely on the desks to the side of the room. You will have the opportunity to receive guidance on your proposed panel and how to prepare it. The panel assessors will introduce the advisory day and show examples of successful panels. You will then be invited to display your images for comment. As a participant, you should bring your prints that you consider could form the basis for a panel, along with spares. You with either get content or technical or technical and written advice, depending who the advisors are on the day. Before you attend please make sure you have read the Distinctions Guidelines which contains important information on requirements, categories and criteria regarding the panels. This can be downloaded from the RPS website www.rps.org/distinctions. It is advisable to bring along a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 spare images.


Spectating is a very good way to learn about the distinctions system and to see the advice given. Please do not bring any of your own images to the event on the off-chance that you can receive advice. Only panels that have been booked can be assessed.

Event Information

Tea and Coffee is available from 09.30 but please bring your own lunch

Event Commences 10.00 to 16.00 hrs

Event Location

Smethwick Photographic Society
West Midlands
B69 2AS

0121 552 0279

Contact Details

Mike Sharples ARPS


Mobile 07884 657535

Cancellation policy

Please inform The Society as early as possible if you have to cancel your attendance at the event, distinction advisory day or assessment, or workshop. Generally speaking, we do not give refunds for events costing £5.00 or less. For events costing more than that, we are unable to refund your payment or transfer you to another event less than fourteen days beforehand. However, if we can resell your ticket we will refund the cost in full. In the unlikely event of The Society having to cancel an event we will normally give you at least one week’s notice and your ticket cost will be refunded in full. The Society will not refund your travel or accommodation costs and you are advised to check your hotel and travel cancellation policy

Mike Sharples ARPS
Email the event organiser
07884 657535

Region: Central