Autumnal Walk - Trains, Trees and Boulders

14 October 2017

09:30 - 18:00

Thornton in Lonsdale
St Oswalds Church
New Road
United Kingdom

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The plan is that we meet at the Marston Arms Pub at St Oswald’s church in Thornton in Lonsdale2 , postcode LA6 3PB then to progress to the top of Kings Dale for the Cheese Press Stones3, return to the cars and then walk to the Twistleton Scar End4 for windblown bendy trees and erratic boulders together with views across Chapel Le Dale towards Ingleborough5.  Returning to the cars we drive through Ingleton and Chapel Le Dale to Ribblehead6 to await the return of the Cumbrian Mountain Express7 steam train. Job done its time to go home hopefully with memory cards full of varied photographic interest.

  1. At the moment the time of the train at Ribblehead has yet to be confirmed but usually it is around 17:00hr
  2. St Oswald’s Church claim to fame is that it was the church where Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame got married, the Bronte sisters also attended occasionally. There are also some Stocks by the church.
  3. The Cheese Press Stones are two very large limestone boulders that have been deposited by the ice age. Other boulders provide landscape opportunities with Ingleborough as a back-drop.
  4. It will take a short hour to walk across Kingsdale to Twistleton Scar End, here there are several wind-blown bendy trees to photograph then higher, on the top of Twistleton Scar other boulder erratic’s and good views towards Ingleborough.
  5. Ingleborough is the second highest of the famous Yorkshire Dales Three Peaks.
  6. Apart from Ribblehead being the head of the River Ribble it is also the site of the famous Ribblehead Viaduct. Apart from photographing the train there are also other opportunities for landscape photography in the area.
  7. The Cumbrian mountain Express will be on its return leg from Carlisle as it crosses the Ribblehead Viaduct. Members will need to think carefully how they want to photograph the train. Photographing the train from the road at Ribblehead is the easiest option  but the route south is descending, so not much smoke billowing from the train as the engine will be idling. Other options are at Blea Moor Tunnel exit, Blea Moor signal box, then for classic train in the landscape, Dent Head viaduct is very good, it’s uphill so the engine will be working. 
  8. The tour is being organised by Allan Hartley ARPS, who can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 015242 61173

Group size 12

Walking distance about 6-7 miles, 1ml uphill to the Cheese Press Stones, 1-1/2ml uphill to Twistleton Scar End, then 1ml at Ribblehead and all the same in reverse. Paths throughout are good with little difficulty.   Walking boots recommended.

Lunch is likely to be had on the hoof so bring several flasks and butties, though food is available in Ingleton and at the Station Hotel at Ribblehead.


The Risk Assessment and Health & Safety Issues

Please note that the RPS, RPS North West and the event leader accept no responsibility for any mishaps/accident. The participants must accept their own responsibilities and are responsible for their own safety. Any one who is concerned about this please contact Afzal Ansary FRPS. Phone: 0797 040 3672 or email:  


Contact Allan for bookings.

Cancellation policy

Notice of Cancellation - Please inform us as soon as possible if you are unable to attend this event as it is not possible to refund any cancellation or transfer to another event less than 14 days prior to the event start date. The Society reserves the right to cancel an event 7 days prior to its start date - please check your hotel and travel cancellation policy as this may be affected.

Allan Hartley ARPS
Email the event organiser
015242 61173

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