The Landscape Photographers Calendar Workshop with Tony Worobiec FRPS

17 September 2017

10:30 - 16:30

Bath HQ
The Royal Photographic Society
Fenton Houes
122 Wells Road
United Kingdom

Tel:01225 325 733

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The purpose of this course is to inspire the participant to recognise that each month in the year offers wonderful opportunities for taking great photographs. It aims to be as broad as possible, and features not just pastoral landscape, but recognises that landscape should also embrace agricultural, coastal, industrial and urban locations. It is worth noting that one of our finest landscape painters, John Constable, frequently included man-made elements in his masterpieces.

Broken down into 12 distinct units, (each representing a month in the year), the participant is encouraged to consider 7 or 8 projects he or she feels able to engage with. In some cases, specific techniques will be discussed, which best exploit the landscape being discussed. Hopefully a sensible balance between coastal and inland, colour and monochrome, macro and panoramic will be presented. It some ways, it will be rather like a "photographers cook-book", in which the participant considers what they are able to do on any particular day with the resources they have to hand.

Each section will start with a brief introduction outlining the characteristics of the month in question, thus encouraging the participant to explore all the possible opportunities. Weather of course plays a big part, and issues relating to how one overcomes certain difficult conditions will be carefully explained. The idea that any given location changes as we progress through the months will be reinforced, as each month will start with a photograph taken from exactly the same location; visually, the changes month by month can be quite illuminating. 

While this is not aiming to be a "how-to do it" course, issues concerning lenses, filters etc. will be discussed, and where appropriate recommended. Some of the ideas and techniques will be unique to that specific month, although others will be transferable. For example, while photographing in rain is discussed in "February", (as this tends to be our wettest month), that doesn't mean that one cannot take stunning rain shots in July.

Finally, it is a course which aims to encourage the participant to value their own immediate environment and reminds them that there is no need to necessarily travel large distances to indulge our passion for landscape photography. By keeping a diary, one can quite easily predict how the landscape around us will changes month by month.  In order that the course appears immediate and relevant, we will start with the month the course occurs in. Each participant will receive  a booklet in which they can add notes regarding locations, weather conditions, camera accessories etc as we progress month by month. The idea of the spaces at the bottom of each monthly sheet is that participants make notes regarding possible locations and preferred weather conditions as we progress.

Please bring a packed lunch or use local amenities – There is a Co-op, pub and deli open on Saturday, the deli is shut on Sundays.

Times: 10.30am – 4.30pm
Address:The Royal Photographic Society, Fenton House, 122 Wells Road, Bath  BA2 3AH

Parking: There is no parking at the RPS on weekdays but there are spaces available in the surrounding streets.  At weekends you can park in the RPS car park (usually 12 places available) which is accessed to the left of the building through a gateway.

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