Building a photographic style: the importance of personal projects

25 September 2017

19:00 - 21:00

The Hellenic Centre London W1
16-18 Paddington Street
United Kingdom

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"Developing and defining a personal style helps photographers to separate themselves from the competition. It shows that there is intention behind the work and forms the cornerstone to a photographer’s brand".  

In this first of three workshops, Zoe Whishaw, Commercial Photography Consultant and Mentor, will explore why projects are so fundamental to creative development and success for the enthusiast and the professional photographer and will suggest ideas for their inception and implementation.

Building a photographic style: the importance of personal projects

  • Why is having a consistent style important?
  • What are ‘personal projects’?
  • How can personal projects help to define a style? 
  • Why is it important for a photographer to define their style?
  • How to come up with ideas for personal projects

Personal projects are crucial in establishing this signature style. They are helpful in maintaining a healthy curiosity for the unknown, to engage with work and ideas that truly excite and to keep a portfolio fresh and moving forwards.

About Zoe Whishaw

Zoe Whishaw is a Commercial Photography Consultant and Mentor providing creative direction and strategic advice for photographers at all stages in their career who what to take their work to the next level. She runs seminars and interactive workshops to help photographers hone their professional practice and also works on a one-to-one with those who need bespoke, objective advice to focus their creative energies and marketing and so gain competitive advantage.

As a seasoned Editor and Art Director she has had many years experience analysing and critiquing imagery across a broad spectrum of genre and subject areas. Zoe developed and contributed to the success of leading media company, Getty Images, where she worked for 17 years in senior creative and strategic positions, latterly as European Director of Photography.

She has been on the judging panel of a range of national and international photography competitions, including the Association of Photography Awards, Wildlife Photographer of the Year and ArtGemini Prize and regularly conducts portfolio reviews at industry events.

Twitter: @zoewhishaw

Instagram: zoewhishaw


We are running this series of three seminars this Autumn:

1.   Building a photographic style:  the importance of personal projects - 25th September

2.  Effective websites for photographers - 23rd October

3.  Marketing your photography:  how to reach a wider audience - 20th November


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