Nature Group 2019 Members Exhibition

19 November 2018 - 31 January 2019


8 Knole Close
United Kingdom
BS32 4EJ

Entry Fee no return postage£8.00
Entry with Return Postage£16.00

The 2019 Members Exhibition will use the same entry software that has been used for the last three years. Members can upload their digital images including digital copies of their prints using the entry system.

This year however there is a change in the payment system. We can no longer use Paypal to collect the entry fees. The entry fees can be paid using the 'book online' button shown above (this is the strongly preferred method), or by sending a cheque to the exhibition secretary.

The entry system can be reached via the link shown below.  Please use this method to upload your images if possible.

If you cannot use the online entry system, then you can use the entry form printed in the Winter edition of The IRIS or download a copy below.

Page 1 - Dates etc

Pages 2 and 3 - Entrant and Image details

Page 4 - Terms and Conditions

All Pages - Complete document

The closing date for exhibition entry is 31st January 2019

Entry fees for the exhibition remain at £8 to enter all 4 sections. Return postage for prints is also £8.

Overseas Entrants:  Please use the online entry system and make payment by the event tickets.

Ralph Snook ARPS
Email the event organiser

Group(s): Nature