Newcastle upon Tyne Behind the Scenes

15 February 2019

10:00 - 14:30

Grey's Monument
Grainger Street
United Kingdom

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Why not join us for a tour of three of Newcastle upon Tyne’s iconic buildings: 

Grainger Market

Grainger Market is a Grade I listed covered market, constructed as part of the 19th century development of the city to replace markets on the site of Grey Street. It was designed by John Dobson and was opened in 1835. The original uses of the market for meat and vegetables have since changed considerably, but there are still several butchers' stalls there. 

The market is home to perhaps the smallest branch of Marks and Spencer, a market stall known as Marks and Spencer's Original Penny Bazaar.]

Named after Richard Grainger, a Newcastle builder and developer worked together with the architects John Dobsona nd Thomas Oliver, and with the town clerk, John Clayton, to redevelop the centre of Newcastle in the early 19th century

Tyneside Cinema

The Tyneside Cinemais an independent cinema in Newcastle upon Tyne. It is the city's only full-time independent cultural cinema, specialising in the screening of independent and world cinema from across the globe. The last remaining Newsreel theatre to be in full-time operation in the UK, it is a Grade II-listed building. Its cultural remit is set by the trustees and is a requisite for continued funding from sponsors such as the BFI and the Arts Council.

The Tyneside Cinema was opened as a news cinema, the Bijou News-Reel Cinema on 1 February 1937, and was commonly known as the News Theatre. Screenings would include a mixture of travel, sport, and news films, as well as cartoons. 

In 1937, the cinema became the home of the Tyneside Film Society, the origin of the Tyneside Cinema itself which, by the late 1950s, had grown into the largest film society in the UK outside London. The popularity of television led to a decline in audiences and consequently the cinema was closed in 1968. After a brief period, it was reopened as a film theatre by the BFI. The cinema closed again in 1975. A case for re-opening the cinema, then known as the Tyneside Film Theatre, was put together by the Tyneside Filmgoers Group.


The Literary & Philosophical Library of Newcastle upon Tyne

Popularly known as the Lit & Phil, itis a hidden gem. A historical library in Newcastle upon TyneEngland, and the largest independent libraryoutside London

Founded in 1793 as a "conversation club" by the Reverend William Turnerand others – more than fifty years before the London Library

The Lit and Phil was the first public building in the world to be lit by electric light bulbs. First Art Gallery in the world to be lit by gas and to stay open in the evening. The Lit and Phil also housed the first Lecture room to demonstrate the possibilities of the incandescent electric light bulb, before a fascinated audience of 700 at the Literary and Philosophical Society on 3 February 1879. Swan’s demonstration at the Lit and Phil came nine months before Edison managed to get a bulb to burn for thirteen hours continuously. 


Each tour will take one-hour and we will meet at 10-00 at the foot of Grey’s Monument. Freda Thompson will give us the tour of the market tour and we will get many fascinating facts from her.  

Following on we will walk the short distance to the Tyneside Cinema for another hour’s tour by a volunteer which will also include an old newsreel.

We will take an hour’s break for lunch and I suggest the tearooms in the cinema (0ver 70 years old and still going strong) which when renovated a few years ago were carefully brought back to its era. When booking please contact me if you wish to eat in the tearooms as I will reserve a table. (This is not included in the ticket price.)

Then across Newcastle to the Lit & Phil where one of their volunteers will give us a tour of this famous old library.

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