RPS Medical Group AGM & IMI Meeting - Evidence-Based Practice and its effect on the medical photographer’s continuing professional development - Hoosain M Ebrahim ASIS FRPS

11 January 2019

18:30 - 21:00

The Gordon Museum of Pathology
King’s College London
Guy's Campus
King’s College London
United Kingdom


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Image: Afzal Ansary ASIS FRPS

Roots of Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) can be traced to the emergence of Evidence-Based Medicine during the early 1990’s.  It has been adopted by many professions allied to medicine and medical education since then. The aim of the presentation is to give guidance to the process of becoming an Evidence-Based Practitioner in Medical Photography.

 Evidence-Based Practice relates to information which helps to establish facts from various sources. This information helps influence and support conclusions, having the attributes of explicitness and distinctness that applies to the process and outcomes of health services.  It means using evidence wisely in decisions one will make as a medical photographer about patient management and care.

The adoption of EBP model is an important feature to ensure the medical photographer’s continued success and growth.  Unless people outside the imaging profession can be persuaded of the medical photographer’s worth, it will be difficult to have a viable future in providing a service.  The evidence that is used is increasingly outcomes-driven aligned with the sector in which the medical photographer works.  Outcomes become the drivers of the development and selection of processes chosen.  This may lead to change in what is being done, what we think we should do and why we do it.  It could well influence what medical photographers become.  It can thus provide information about our occupation that is in the profession’s history when we are discovering, defining and refining the uniqueness of our service and professional focus. 

EBP approaches have the potential not only to inform and reform our practice, but also to transform it.  Any concept or procedure is based on the best available evidence, namely EBP.  In the past medical photographers were involved in a pure service delivery function, engaged in research to assist clinicians and professions allied to medicine. 

EBP encourages us to look to the past; consider current practices and establish whether these need to be changed based on changing approaches to medical management and care. EBP assists us to concentrate our thoughts and actions on what is right for the profession and the people we serve now and in the future.  EBP will allow us to re-evaluate the medical photographer’s role.

Afzal Ansary
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