North Wales Region Advisory Day – LRPS and ARPS

03 March 2019

10:00 - 17:00

Craig-y-Don Community Centre
Queens Road
United Kingdom
LL30 1TE

LRPS member£15.00 
LRPS non-member£20.00 
ARPS member£15.00 
ARPS non-member£20.00 

‘1to1’ sessions ARPS / FRPS please refer to instructions below

Attending this Advisory day will give you the opportunity to discuss your portfolio with Ray Spence FRPS in a professional but friendly atmosphere. Ray Spence is Chair of the Distinctions Advisory Board, Moderator for the Distinctions Panels.

Prior to booking, you might find it useful to read all the information below.

The day commences with a public ‘plenary’ session for both LRPS and ARPS panels. After a short break for lunch we will be offering 5 places for ‘1to1’ sessions behind closed doors for ARPS and FRPS applicants (see further below). Please note: No lunch or refreshments will be provided, so please bring a packed lunch.

‘Plenary’ session:

We are offering 10 places.

The ‘plenary’ session will firstly comprise advice for Licentiate, followed by Associate advice. Please note that all delegates present will be able to view your images and they will hear the comments of the advisor. This session is also open to spectators.

LRPS advice and then the Associate and Fellowship categories covered are: ‘

ARPS Applied advice
ARPS Conceptual and Contemporary advice
ARPS Fine Art advice
ARPS Travel advice

Advisory Day - FRPS

The schedule for the ‘plenary’ session is as follows:

10:00 Registration and handing-in of panels

10:20 Welcome by Regional Organizer

10:30 Presentation of example panels, followed by panels of the delegates

13:30 End of ‘plenary’ session and lunch break

Please book using the blue booking button. If you know your Associates category, please notify our Regional Secretary Richard Glynne Jones at

If you are not sure in which category your Associate panel might fit, send 6 to 10 digital images of a suitable size to with your Statement of Intent and you will receive advice on which would be the best category. In most cases it is the Statement of Intent that determines the category. 

Please send your images at least 30 days before the advisory day.

We are offering 10 places for the ‘plenary’ session; once this session is fully booked, we will maintain a waiting list.

Further information:

What are the requirements for LRPS and ARPS and how do I establish my current level?

LRPS ( Licentiate ) – If you are not sure, then start with the LRPS. You will need to demonstrate a good photographic competence in camera work, visual awareness, communication and presentation, as detailed in the Guidelines. 

ARPS (Associate)  – You will need to demonstrate a high technical competence as well as provide evidence of creative ability and the development of a personal style in either of the following categories: Applied, Fine Art, Travel, Contemporary and Conceptual.

How many images shall I bring?

LRPS: 10 images plus a maximum of 5 spares
ARPS: 15 images plus a maximum of 5 spares

Do all my images need to be mounted?

All images should be mounted except for your spares. This will ensure we can display them correctly.

Attending for Advice:

On arrival please register at the front desk and then place your panel safely on the desks to the side of the room. You will have the opportunity to receive guidance on your proposed panel and how to prepare it. The panel assessor will introduce the advisory day and show examples of successful panels. You will then be invited to display your images for comment. As a participant, you should bring your prints that you consider could form the basis for a panel, along with spares. You will receive advice on both content and technical matters.

Before you attend please make sure you have read the Distinctions Guidelines which contains important information on requirements, categories and criteria regarding the panels. This can be downloaded from the RPS website


Spectating is a very good way to learn about the distinctions system, and to hear the advice given. Please do not bring any of your own images to the event on the off-chance that you can receive advice.

Accessibility of the venue:

The venue has wheel chair access, toilet facilities for the disabled, and ample parking space.


Those wishing to attend are requested to register and pay through the RPS website. In the event that there are any problems with this process, please contact Richard Glynne Jones (

Notice of Cancellation:

The Society is unable to refund any charges due to cancellation, or offer a transfer to another event, if the attendee does not notify the Distinctions Department by e-mail 14 days prior to the event start date (please email to The Society reserves the right to cancel any event 7 days prior to its start date, or less than 24 hours due to adverse weather conditions or extraordinary circumstances beyond its control. All attendees are advised to check hotel and travel cancellation/refund policies, as the Society is unable to offer compensation for any such loss incurred.

1to1’ advice sessions (5 places):

From 2pm to 5pm, we offer 5 places for ‘1to1’ advice sessions for Associateship and Fellowship.

This advice will take place in a separate room with no audience. Only you and the advisor will be present. Each session will last 30 minutes.

To make the most of a ‘1to1’ session, it is recommended that you are in an advanced stage of preparing your panel for submission.

To discuss this further and make a booking, please talk to the Secretary for our region, Richard Glynne Jones (079 742 35 840).  Bookings are taken on a first come first served basis, and to secure your booking you will need to send a cheque (details provided by Richard Glynne Jones) for the amount of £30 for RPS members, and £40 for non-members. Should you wish to also attend the preceding ‘plenary’ session, an additional fee of £5 is payable.

If we are unable to accommodate all those who are interested in the ‘1to1’ sessions, we might consider holding a separate ‘1to1’ advisory day for Associateship and Fellowship later in the year. Expression of interest in this regard would be much appreciated.

What are the requirement for ARPS and FRPS?
ARPS (Associate)  – You will be required to demonstrate a high technical competence as well as provide evidence of creative ability and the development of a personal style in either of the following categories: Applied, Fine Art, Travel, Contemporary and Conceptual.

FRPS (Fellowship)  – You will be required to show clear evidence of distinguished and distinctive ability and the highest technical standard appropriate to your submission. Open to ARPS members only.

Contact: Rolf Kraehenbuehl,, mobile phone 07748 295307

Rolf Kraehenbuehl
Email the event organiser
07748 295307

Region: North Wales