Street Photography Workshop (NOW FULLY BOOKED)

26 October 2019

10:00 - 16:00

Tyneside Cinema
Pligrim Street
United Kingdom

RPS Member£25.00 
Non RPS Member£30.00 

This workshop is now fully booked. Please contact Carol Palmer (Northern RO) for any cancellations.

David Mason is a street photographer based in Southern England.  

Be warned, a day spent with Dave and his approach to photography involves a lot of smiling. Specializing in 'street photography' Dave has a talent for seeing potential in situations that many of us would miss. His images show the quirky, often humorous relationships that occur between people and the world around them.

In his approach to street photography Dave identifies a location, often with a promising backdrop of signage, street furniture or graffiti and will wait for 'something to happen'. Examples of his work feature colour harmony, pattern, humour, good timing and strong narrative, 

He takes great pleasure in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, often documenting the surreal happenings on the city streets.

Some of his work can be viewed on his website:

The workshop will be split into two halves. 

The day will begin with Dave giving a presentation of approximately forty-five minutes. This will take place in the Tyneside Cinema where coffee and biscuits will be served. During the presentation Dave will discuss his personal approaches to producing images on the streets and the techniques that can be used to create a successful 'street' photograph. He has a self-deprecating style of presentation belying his skill and experience.

The presentation will be very informal with questions being encouraged from the audience throughout.

The second part of the workshop will be taken up with a photo walk throughout various areas of Newcastle city centre.

During this time Dave will be constantly on hand to advise and encourage.

This section of the day is likely to last four to five hours.

Any camera will be fine, whether it’s a compact, bridge, mirrorless. A short zoom or medium wide prime lens is ideal.

You won’t need a flash or tripod for this workshop.

This workshop is for people who are familiar with their camera and have a grasp of the basic exposure settings.

Image  © Dave Mason

Cancellation Policy

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