RPS International Photography Exhibition 161

Winners, exhibitors and tour dates for the 161st edition of the world's longest running photography exhibition.

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Mandy Barker: Altered Ocean exhibition

The Royal Photographic Society presents Altered Ocean, a new exhibition by Mandy Barker.

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Altered Ocean Events

For each RPS Exhibition we will be arranging events to support and enrich the show. Mandy's work has allowed us to deliver talks and workshops on the topical and now critical issue surrounding the plastics found in our seas and oceans.

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Space Steps: The Moon and Beyond

An exhibition celebrating humankind's curiosity to journey into the unknown.

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Space Steps - Events

Talks, workshops and special events will be held over the duration of this fascinating show.
Please visit the page regularly as we are adding to the list all the time.

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Exhibitions Archive

From wrestling to reptile blood you are sure to discover something new in our archive. Take a look and be inspired to develop your photography and enter one of our future competitions.

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