2012 International Projected Image Exhibition

  • Tuck Shop from Maun Mothers

    by Stuart Arnold ARPS

  • Hartland Fingers

    by Alan Ranger LRPS

  • Hawk Owl Hunting Over Snow

    by Jenny Hibbert

Selectors viewed nearly 4,000 images from over 700 photographers worldwide in the 2012 IPIE, selecting 413 images for the digital exhibition.

The RPS gold award winning image of an ant drinking, by Vincentius Ferdinand from Indonesia, was unanimously praised by the selectors, for its quality and originality. Selector, Anne Sutcliffe FRPS, said 'I think this year’s award winning images share several important characteristics. They are universally of high quality and represent the best of their genre. All capture a decisive moment whether it is a sporting moment, a brief period of sympathetic light, a mood, or the culmination of the photographer’s creativity. Whatever the subject, the photographer’s empathy with it and their ability to show it to its best advantage shines through'.

2012 Selection Panel: 

Robert Thompson FRPS FIPF
Anne Sutcliffe FRPS EFIAP PPSA

Robert Thompson FRPS FIPF
David Osborn FRPS
Richard Revels FRPS

The general category offered a wide range of subject matter and the nature category depicted observations from all branches of natural history.

In 2013 the exhibition was renamed the International Images for Screen Exhibition

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