Want to learn creative techniques or cutting edge photo editing technology? We offer a great range of one and two day workshops that are open to all.

Workshops are open to members and non-members of the Society. Members receive a 25% discount on workshop prices.  If you are interested in a particular workshop but the course is full or there isn't a forthcoming date, please contact to express your interest in similar future workshops.  Please revisit this page regularly as new workshops are always being added. 


Online Courses:

Clifford Spooner

Macro and Art Course  


One and Two Day Workshops:

Liverpool Architecture Photography Workshop

This workshop is aimed at photography enthusiasts with an interest in architectural and Interior photography. Tutor Craig Magee will help you develop key techniques relating to architecture and interior photography; with insight into approaches to framing and exposure techniques.

20th October 2018, Liverpool→

Street Photography - Spitalfields Market

This workshop is ideal if you want to explore street photography in any form, get inspired, learn appropriate techniques and spend time in London shooting and practicing these new found skills.

26th October 2018, London→

Levitation Photography

In this workshop you will learn the key elements to creating striking images in which a person or an object(s) appear to be levitating.

26th October 2018, Surrey→

Studio Portraiture Workshop

A workshop for beginners that covers all you need to know about taking great images in a studio environment.

27th & 28th October 2018, Lacock→

Studio Lighting with a Male Model

The content of this workshop will cover a creative study in lighting for the male body shape and form.

27th October 2018, Surrey→

Night Sky Photography First Steps

Would you like to take some photographs of the night sky, but don’t know how or think your camera is not good enough, then come along and hear how to get started in taking photographs of the night sky.

31st October 2018, Lynmouth, Somerset→

Two Day Wedding Workshop

This introductory workshop is for all those wanting to learn more about how to take great wedding photographs and the basics of starting a business

3rd & 4th November 2018, Lacock→

Hollywood Lighting Workshop

Jon Gray will be showing you how to create stunning but simple beauty lighting techniques.

10th November 2018, Surrey→

Beginners guide to Photoshop Composites with Clinton Lofthouse

Learn the methodology and Photoshop skills to blend fact with fiction and create amazing composite images that live up to your imagination. This is a full days workshop with a large ‘edit along’ practical section.

11th November 2018, Buckinghamshire→

Mindfulness, Meditation and Photography

The workshop will explore various procedures and techniques that can be used to help every photographer connect more fully with the present moment, the goal being to help restore peace and balance in our bodies and minds.

14th November 2018, Buckinghamshire→

Macro and Art Photography

The course is for anyone who is looking for new directions for their photography and to enhance their technical and creative skills. It assumes working knowledge of a compact or SLR camera, and basic familiarity with image processing software such as Photoshop.

16th November 2018, Buckinghamshire→

Single Space Composites

In this workshop you will learn the key elements to creating perfect images of multiple people using a technique called Single Space composites.

16th November 2018, Surrey→

Exhibition Quality Digital Printing

The workshop will be run by Tim Daly and based at the specialist facilities at the University of Chester, you will learn how to create a colour managed workflow for producing exhibition quality prints using inkjet and digital c-type systems.

17th November 2018, Chester→

Two Day Photoshop Workshop

This workshop aims to provide more experienced users with the knowledge and hands-on experience in techniques necessary to create, manipulate and edit professional quality images with skill and precision.

17th & 18th November 2018, Bath→

Developing Personal Projects and Storytelling with Ben Cherry

This workshop is ideal if you want the skills to plan and develop your own personal projects, develop your story telling ability and equip yourself with ideas on how to market and tell the world about your story.

21st November 2018, Buckinghamshire→

Paint with Light

This new course with photographer Claire Harper will cover all aspects of basic light painting from setting up your camera, focusing in the dark, equipment and basic kit, spinning the perfect orb, different light painting techniques and effects to create unique images including light painted portraits.

23rd November 2018, Buckinghamshire→


Explore the wonders of night time photography during this hands on evening photography workshop. You will learn various creative techniques for working in low light conditions and painting with light.

24th November 2018, Bath→

Introduction to the Creative Eye

In this course you will learn how to see the photographic potential of the world around you, how to compose pictures that have much more impact and interest, and how to enhance your images using easy editing techniques in Photoshop.

24th November 2018, Bath→

Creative Techniques in Photoshop

A practical workshop to demonstrate the tools and techniques in Photoshop for producing distinctive and personal images. John Humphrey shows a range of approaches that enable you to apply your creative vision to photographs.

28th November 2018, Buckinghamshire→

Art Nude Photography Workshop

The course is suitable for photographers wishing to learn about controlled lighting and working with a nude model to producing high quality photographs. The techniques are also suitable for pregnancy and maternity photography.

8th December 2018, Lacock→