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As well as image, I have come to regard the photograph as object, able to be handled as well as viewed – hence their relatively small size. Counter intuitively, given the process of photography in the digital age, I want each piece of work to be unique and non-reproducible. The idea of physically constructing objects comes from my background as a sculptor and the opportunity of an MA photography course which encouraged enquiry and allowed time to push ideas around.
My starting point is the photograph – I work from those things in the landscape that trace human intervention namely (and for the last two years) a friend’s polytunnel in Cumbria and Belsay Hall in Northumberland. Back in the studio the photographs are cut or torn and assembled. Solving the problem of joining led to experiments with all sorts of materials, tools and techniques, discovering, for example, that drier contact adhesives work better for joining, and non-conventional printing papers, such as newsprint, tracing paper, acetate and cartridge paper can be exploited as could the making processes of sculpture and construction: wire, tape, paper, card; methods of folding, cutting, tearing, joining and fixing - either mechanically or with adhesives. Stiffening cartridge paper ink jet prints with acrylic spray varnish means that they become self-supporting when constructed into 3D objects that can be honed or distorted, bent and have the flexibility to follow any form inferred by the image. All this builds upon the more familiar photographic procedures of light and time.
An essential contribution to the creative process is my studio. Everything comes together there - Its space contains the collected history of what it is I do and is the place that allows me to reflect upon work in progress and measure it against intention. Every object on a shelf, in a box, on a surface, propped against or blu tacked to the wall, is there because at some time they caught me unawares - were picked up, kept and added to the collection. They are triggers to memory but also the impulse and support for new work.  


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