Mr Hamish Scott-Brown

I live and work in Warwickshire, based near Leamington Spa and have been in the RPS since 2010 when I obtained my ARPS distinction for the work 'Manicomio'

With a fairly varied and broad skillbase in photography I work mostly in photographing people....although that said my ARPS panel was quite the opposite.....empty spaces around Europe, Asylums that had been closed for 20 years and an unperinning theory of 'Being & Time' based around a Heideggerian theory of spaces, places and spirits.

I have my own business which which involves shooting about 15 weddings per year allowing me to travel and follow my other love which is 'travel and documentary photography'.

I first studied photography at Art School in Bournemouth where I took my degree and finally went back to study photography again at Masters level after a career in Education spanning 18 years.

I enjoy travel, photography, technology, reading, cinema.


I'm also a member of the BIPP and the MPA where I regularly judge and mentor Photographers working on their professional Licentiate, Associate and Fellowship qualifications

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