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Martin Lisius is an award-winning Texas-based producer, director, and cinematographer. 

In 1993, Lisius founded StormStock (, a unique collection of premium weather footage. His material can be seen in hundreds of TV programs, documentaries, feature films and commercials including the Oscar-winning "An Inconvenient Truth", "The Avengers, "Into the Storm", "Lucy", "Tomorrowland", Disney's "Cinderella" and "The Current War." 

Lisius produced, directed and wrote several award-winning television programs relating to severe weather including "The Chasers of Tornado Alley" which first aired on public television in 1996. The same year, he worked as a technical advisor for the Warner Bros. box office hit "Twister." 

He is responsible for photographing the first-ever violent class tornado on 35mm motion picture film (1998), the only 35mm footage of Hurricane Katrina making landfall (2005), the first tornado in 3D (2011), and one of the few people to intercept and document the two costliest disasters in US history (Katrina, Harvey).

In 2000, Lisius founded Tempest Tours, Inc. (, a successful adventure travel company that provides storm chasing expeditions to guests from around the world. 

In 2002, he worked with the Oxford English Dictionary to get “storm chaser” added as an official term. 

In 2014, Lisius wrote and published "The Ultimate Severe Weather Safety Guide" to help others better understand the hazards of dangerous weather (iTunes, Amazon). 

In 2018, he produced and photographed the world's first-ever 16K video, "Prairie Wind."

Lisius has produced and directed a variety of other projects in addition to his weather related work through his media production company Prairie Pictures (

Lisius was named a Distinguished Alumni by The University of Texas at Arlington Department of Communication.

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