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Since early retirement :-) I spend a lot of my time taking and making photographs.

I am a member of Pudsey Camera Club and the Harrogate Photographic Society  where I enjoy entering competitions, mostly for the feedback but it's very nice when you win something :-). Also a member of Gamma Photoforum.

I found that in working for my LRPS my critical self came to the fore and I began looking at and taking photographs with renewed vigour. I began learning to use digital manipulation software, frequently getting the 'WOW' factor in discovering a new technique. 

I enjoy wandering around cities and countryside, museums and derelict places with my camera. Constantly looking for an interesting angle or viewpoint, consequently filling up memory cards with 'gay abandon'.

In working for my Associate distinction in conceptual and contemporary I was intrigued to find that it eventually became '.. all about me'. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey from start to receiving the distinction, I can't say start to finish because so many ideas arose from the process that the journey will continue... :-D


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Contemporary, Creative Eye, Digital Imaging

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Contemporary, Creative Eye, Digital Imaging