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Paul Peach has been a self-taught photographic practitioner for over ten years. His interests lie in exploring cultural curiosities as well as in both digital and film photography. Paul gained his MA in Photography in 2018 at Falmouth University U.K. and an MSc in Strategic I.T. Management in 2012 at the University of Derby in the U.K. Paul has worked for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) as an IT specialist for eight years. He has extensive knowledge of various media platforms and has worked alongside creative departments in television and radio. Before he joined the BBC, he had a decade of extensive media practice in the newspaper industry. Paul employs his rich knowledge of computer science, digital and media method into the art of photography, to explore contemporary lifestyle in a cultural context through his lens. His original creative reportage and authentic photographic production experiments form the basis of his work.

Paul recently held two work-in-progress exhibitions at a barbershop, and a hair grooming supply shop in Hong Kong. He is currently working on a photographic book project titled Hong Kong Barbers; Grooming Evolution.

His influences reflect the works of photographers such as Alexander Rodchenko, Alec Soth, Ansel Adams and Paolo Pellegrin.

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