Mr Ramesh Letchmanan

Ramesh has Engineering degrees from the University of Surrey and double Masters from University of Newcastle upon Tyne and Cranfield University-Royal Military College of Science, all from England, United Kingdom. As a life member, he has achieved in attaining Licentiateship Distinction with the Photographic Society of Singapore. He is also a member with Photographic Society of America and Global Photographic Union. He is a passionate photographer who exhibits a love for the art and science of the photography process. He specializes in nature, wildlife, landscape and travel photography. Always learning and searching for new perspectives and inspiring photography with creative insight. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, photography allows him to often stop in his tracks and appreciate the smaller things in life.

''There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. Ansel Easton Adams, 1902-1984

''Every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving, for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer''.. 1 Timothy 4:4-5 

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