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I've had hundreds of my images published in the growing list of walking and cycling guides I've written for the publisher Cicerone in the last decade since I took early retirement. While they are entirely adequate for guidebooks, my aim over the next few years is to develop a more individual approach and to improve my skills.

I don't do wildlife and increasingly don't do travel or even landscape. I guess I find the idea of travelling around the world to take photographs of creatures we've driven to near extinction and fragile communities while dumping tonnes of greenhouse gases on them totally abhorent.  

My aim is to take photographs that invite the viewer to read them calling on their own collected experience to interpret what I've captured in the image. It's an approach that rarely wins me competitions at my local photographic society, but I can live with that. If I can produce a couple of images every now and again that make people stop and look, then I'll be happy.        

I spent my career in marketing in a number of multinational organizations in the UK and abroad and now live in West Cheshire where I cycle two or three times a week with groups on both sides of the border, often carrying a small mirrorless camera. Traveling slow and watching - that's the way to go.

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