Hong Kong WYNG Masters Award

20 August 2013

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The WYNG Masters Award - Hong Kong's pioneering annual prize in photography has issued an international open call for submissions. WYNG Masters Award's mission is to nurture the growth of photography as an art form in Hong Kong, as well as to stimulate dialogue and foster community awareness on socially-relevant issues of critical importance to Hong Kong and its residents. Each year, a focused theme is chosen for the award. The 2013 theme is air—as Hong Kong wrestles with the health, economic, and social effects of its deteriorating air quality.

From 17 June to 17 September 2013, the WYNG Masters Award invites both international and Hong Kong artists and photographers to submit photographic-based work. The visual content of photographic works must be related to Hong Kong and to the chosen theme air. Finalists will be selected by a panel of international judges and their works will be exhibited in Hong Kong in Spring 2014. A full-color catalogue will be published to coincide with the exhibition. The WYNG Masters Award will also host a series of talks, panels, and seminars during the exhibition period.

Two award grants will be issued—the eponymous WYNG Masters Award and the WYNG Project (a commission to develop a photographic project highlighting the 2013 theme air). The recipient of the WYNG Masters Award will receive a cash prize of 250,000 HKD and is selected by the judging panel. The WYNG Project recipient, chosen by the WYNG Foundation trustees, will receive 250,000 HKD to execute a project. An advisory board of industry experts will review the WYNG Masters Award finalists and their project proposals and make a recommendation to the foundation trustees.

The winners of both prizes will be announced at the exhibition.

The WYNG Masters Award international panel of judges is comprised of industry leaders in photography, art, publishing, and non-profit. They include Zoher Abdoolcarim, Abby Chen, Jehan Chu, Louise Clements, Frank Kalero, Joanne Ooi, and Christopher Phillips.

For more information visit the WYNG website here


WYNG大師攝影獎於今天(2013年6月17日)正式接受作品提交。作為香港年度攝影大獎,WYNG大師攝影獎旨在提升香港攝影藝術水平,同時以攝影喚醒公眾對迫切社會議題的的關注。每年大會均會選出重點主題,香港空氣質素變差,嚴重到影響健康、經濟及社會等範疇,所以2013年主題為「空氣& #12301;。


大會將頒發WYNG大師攝影獎得主及WYNG特別攝影獎。來自世界各地的評判小組,選出WYNG大師攝影獎得主,得獎者將獲得現金獎港幣$250,000元。比賽另設WYNG特別攝影獎,入圍攝影師需提交一份以「空氣」為主題的攝影計劃書。顧問委員會一併考慮作品和計劃書,推薦最有潛力的攝影師。得主將 463;委託,與WYNG基金會共同策劃以2013年主題「空氣」為攝影項目。WYNG特別攝影獎得主同樣獲得港幣$250,000元。


評判小組由七人組成,成員包括國際知名攝影師、藝術家、出版業及非政府機構的傑出人士:Zoher Abdoolcarim譚崇翰、陳暢、朱沛宗、Lousie Clements、Frank Kalero、Joanne Ooi及Christopher Phillips。