Natural History FRPS Talks Tigers

03 August 2013

Society news

A G Gangadhar, an Indian Member who was awarded the FRPS in Natural History, has been featured in an inspiring interview which includes his thoughts about the fine balance between protecting nature and getting the perfect photographic shot in the New Indian Express.

Gangadhar said he “…believes that nature conservation should take precedence over photography. He adds that when he found out that birds became an easy target for poachers who observed him photographing them during the nesting season, he gave it up without a second thought.”  He also says that he has provided high-res images free of charge to sanctuaries and organisations striving for nature conservation."

Talking about the difficulties of being a Natural History photographer, Gangadhar explains “Often, you feel down in the dumps when everything doesn’t go your way. You expect the tiger you have been waiting for half a day to come a little closer, the bird to have sat for a moment longer on the branch above you or even the rain not to have interfered. As hard as you try, a lot of factors, some of which are not under the photographer’s control, have to come together for a good picture.”

Read the full feature here.