Rare Nikon poster at auction

25 September 2013

Industry news

Christie's is to auction a rare poster dating from around 1955 advertising Nikon cameras and lenses. The poster 105 x 76cm was designed by Yusaku Kamekura (1915-1997) for Nippon Kogaku.  Estimated at £4000-6000 the poster is up for sale on 2 October 2013. See more by clicking here.

Born in the Niigata prefecture in Japan and a student of the Institute of New Architecture and Industrial Arts, Yusaku Kamekura started his design career at the publishing company Nippon Kaupapu absorbing modernist principles, clean lines and abstraction from earlier styles such as Bauhaus and De Stijl. Kamekura breaks away from these movements markedly, however, in his vibrant and exciting approach to colour. In this work for the Nikon camera company the asymmetric composition is composed of black squares punctuated by different sized circles against a flat red background. The circles resemble the light passing through a camera shutter to create an image. This conceptual approach of an idea is typically postwar and invites the viewer to interact and engage with the poster.