Monthly Competition

22 April 2014


There is just over a week left to enter our free Monthly Competition! 

The theme this month is Close to Home (images taken within a mile of your home).  You can find information and a link to submit images here.

Close to Home
- Enter images taken within one mile of your home - See more at:

Last month's theme was Shadows.  You can view the finalists that were selected here.

Just for fun, we've chosen three fantastic images uploaded to My RPS albums that contain the word 'shadow' in the title.  Click on each image below to view the full portfolio:

 5 shadows by Dermot OMahony
'5 shadows'
by Dermot O'Mahony 

 Coming out of the shadows by Eileen Sutherland
'Coming out of the shadows'
by Eileen Sutherland LRPS

In The Shadow Of The Stupa by Peggy Turner
'In The Shadow Of The Stupa'
by Peggy Turner LRPS

Main image:
brise soleil
'Brise Soleil' by Linda Wride ARPS.  Linda was a finalist in the Shadow theme Monthly Competition and you can view more of her work here.
Linda Wride

brise soleil