World Photo Day 2014

15 April 2014

Industry news

World Photo Day 2014, to be held on 19 August marks a special anniversary for photographers across the globe. It marks the 175th anniversary of the first permanent photographic process - the daguerreotype - freely released to the world on 19 August 1839. 

This year, World Photo Day is encouraging businesses, organizations and social groups across the world to leverage the power of photography by engaging their communities as part of a global photography celebration held over August. 

'So often, we forget that there was once a time that we couldn’t instantly share moments with friends and family across the globe'. said Korske Ara, founder of World Photo Day. 'Today, we take photography for granted.'

The first commercially available 35mm film camera was developed only 90 years ago. The digital camera became popular just 20 years ago and 15 years ago, camera phones didn’t exist. Today, everyone is impacted by the influence of photography. 

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