Help bring Rankin to Bath

25 January 2014

Society news

Bath's Holburne Museum and No. 1 Royal Crescent are bidding for need your help to win internationally renowned celebrity photographer, Rankin to capture the face of Bath for Museums at Night. The Society has worked with the Holburne Museum on various photography exhibitions and is supporting its bid.

The Holburne Museum and No. 1 Royal Crescent have joined forces to help bring Rankin to Bath. Rankin has chosen Bath as one of four places he would like to work for Museums at Night, but where he finally photographs is all down to a public vote.

Portraiture, celebrity and the concept of beauty are all themes key to the collections at The Holburne Museum and No. 1 Royal Crescent and these themes are clearly apparent in Rankin’s contemporary photography. The Holburne Museum is renowned for its eighteenth-century British portraits, most notably by Ramsay, Stubbs, Zoffany and Gainsborough that depict Bath’s Georgian Celebrities. No. 1 Royal Crescent will launch its new exhibition ‘Portrait of a Lady?’ which explores the representation of women in the C18th including figures of fame and notoriety.

Event organisers at the two Museums said, ‘We’d like Rankin to photograph the people of Bath and we’ll digitally display or project his photographs at both our Museums. Who Rankin photographs is up to him. Maybe it could be you, but without your vote we will never know! Simply click here to vote. After entering your email address, you will be asked to secure your vote by moving a picture icon.’

Museums at Night is the annual after-hours festival of arts, culture and heritage when hundreds of museums, galleries, libraries, archives and heritage sites open their doors for special evening events. It takes place over the weekend of Thursday 15th-Saturday 17th May 2014.

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