SWNS for members

18 January 2014

Member news

South West News Service (SWNS)
A new service open to Society members

The Royal Photographic Society has teamed up with South West News Service to help members get their work into print - and to earn something from their photography. SWNS is one of the largest news syndication services in the UK and although it works with regular news images it specialises in 'soft' news and will generate text to support a particularly distinctive image. Details of the scheme were published in the RPS Journal May 2012.

In brief:

  • photographs from members will earn the photographer 50% of the total revenue. The Society will receive 10%.
  • Copyright remains with the photographer
  • Work will be credited but SWNS cannot guarantee that a publication will always carry the credit 
  • Pictures should be submitted by email to: rps@swns.com
  • SWNS terms and conditions can be found here: http://swns.com/terms-and-conditions

For more on SWNS see:


For more information from The Society contact Dr Michael Pritchard, Director-General at The Society on +44(0)117 3164450 or email: director@rps.org