Congratulations to Martin Burrage LRPS

22 July 2014

Society news

We would like to extend our warm congratulations to Royal Photographic Society member Martin Burrage LRPS.  Martin has been selected as the winner of the Parkinson's UK Mervyn Peake Awards photography category for his work “Two Red Balloons”, which he shot last December in Seville, Andalucia. He submitted the image as a mounted print.

The Mervyn Peake Awards are a celebration of the talents of people with Parkinson's.  The Awards were established in 2002 by the Peake family in memory of the much-admired artist and writer Mervyn Peake, who created the ‘Gormenghast’ novels, and who lived with Parkinson’s for many years.  There are four award categories: Art, Photography, Poetry and Control. The photography category was judged by Tom Stoddart.

Two Red Balloons by Martin Burrage LRPS

Martin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2011, after becoming aware of a tremor in his right arm.  Martin says, “When I saw these awards they caught my eye.  It means a great deal to me to keep active.  Photography absorbs me, and when I am absorbed my tremor seems to go away.  I worry about my hand/eye coordination and whether I’ll be able to do all my photo-editing in the future, so winning now is so important to me, and it is a great honour”.

"I took this image last year in December in Seville, Andalucia.  It wasn’t a quick snapshot -- I’d spotted the scene a year before. I look for things, shadows particularly. I had an image I liked from my first visit, but the quality wasn’t good enough. I had a plan when I returned last time.  The light is very important.  I was there several times at the right time of day. I waited, took several images and eventually this family group came along. I shot ‘Two Red Balloons’ in late afternoon, and from a high vantage point. This is a colour image, but it looks almost monochromatic."

Martin was awarded his LRPS in 2012.  A keen photographer all his life, he had an exhibition of 28 of his photos at a local gallery last year.

Top image © Parkinson's UK - Steve Ford, Chief Executive, Parkinson’s UK, Martin Burrage, Clare Penate (daughter of Mervyn Peake), Fabian Peake (son of Mervyn Peake).

Bottom image © Two Red Balloons by Martin Burrage LRPS