Distinctions Successes

18 March 2014

Member news

Fellow Research, Education and Application of Photography 02/14
Forename Surname Honour Location
Giles Matthew Hudson FRPS Oxfordshire                   
LRPS 07/13
Forename Surname Honour Location
Arnold Drury LRPS Dorset                        
LRPS 02/14 Northern Ireland
Forename Surname Honour Location
Thomas Adams LRPS Belfast
Keith Elgin LRPS County Londonderry
Mary Boyd Gibson LRPS Ayrshire
Annie Given LRPS Belfast
William Henry Harnett LRPS Northern Ireland
Brendan Hinds LRPS Northern Ireland
Ian Humes LRPS County Antrim
Paul John Killeen LRPS Northern Ireland
Pat McKeefry LRPS Co Antrim
James Drummond Moir LRPS Edinburgh
Mark Newport LRPS Co. Meath
Frances Price LRPS Belfast
John Tinman LRPS Belfast
John Tinneny LRPS Belfast
Peggy Turner LRPS Co. DOWN
Hugh Wilkinson LRPS Northern Ireland
APRS Exemption 03/14
Forename Surname Honour Location
Mark Farquharson ARPS Norfolk
LRPS Exemption 03/14
Forename Surname Honour Location
Anthony James Buckley LRPS Glamorgan                     
Tim Harborow LRPS Staffordshire                 
Nataliya Ilieva LRPS Surrey                        
Fiona Woods LRPS Dorset                        
LRPS NEC 03/14
Forename Surname Honour Location
John Anfield LRPS Nottinghamshire
Margaret Beardsmore LRPS Staffordshire                 
Terry Cherrill LRPS Buckinghamshire
Paul Childs LRPS Cleveland
Anthony Clay LRPS Nottinghamshire
Eleanor Coate LRPS West Sussex
Bill Cooper LRPS Hertfordshire
Alex Crawford LRPS Staffordshire                 
Sara Louise Cremer-Evans LRPS Yorkshire                     
Danny Ewers LRPS Buckinghamshire               
Paul Finney LRPS West Yorkshire
Annette Forsyth LRPS Perthshire                    
Andrew Friend-Smith LRPS Surrey                        
Claire Garner LRPS Cambridgeshire
David Goodier LRPS South Yorkshire
David Hall LRPS Essex
Peter Harborow LRPS Lincolnshire
Giles Harvey LRPS Lincolnshire
John James Hodge LRPS Hampshire                     
Terry Homewood LRPS Northamptonshire
Harman Hopkins LRPS Suffolk
Greg Keeling LRPS Essex                         
John Kelly LRPS London
Darren Leeson LRPS Worcestershire                
Peter Lovelock LRPS Essex                         
Matthew Mason LRPS Surrey                        
Colin Mclean LRPS Scottish Borders
Stephen Miles LRPS Nottinghamshire
Steve Milner LRPS Norfolk
Peter Morley LRPS Nottinghamshire               
Damian Morris LRPS Berkshire                     
Marilyn Peddle LRPS Dorset
Margaret Peters LRPS Staffordshire 
Dean Purcell LRPS Staffordshire                 
Terry Railley LRPS Midlothian                    
Richard Redshaw LRPS Staffordshire                 
Amy Robinson LRPS Surrey                        
Theresa Salmon LRPS Kent                          
Adrian Theze LRPS Cornwall
Adrian Thompson LRPS West Midlands
Mark Whyman LRPS Gloucestershire
Kay Wroe LRPS Worcestershire 
ARPS Visual Art NEC 03/12
Forename Surname Honour Location
Stewart Bourne ARPS Worcestershire
Mark Chambers ARPS Worcestershire
Wai Ming, Stella Choi ARPS Hong Kong
Julie Ann Donovan ARPS Nottinghamshire               
John Finn ARPS Cork
George Allan Hale ARPS Hertfordshire                 
Angie Jones ARPS Carmarthenshire               
Robert Louw ARPS Cleveland                     
Hazel Manning ARPS Leicestershire
Margaret Martin ARPS Devon                         
Carol Marion Toms ARPS Hampshire                     
Ivan Ming Kei Wong ARPS Tai Po New Territories